Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where have all the cotton printed fabrics gone?!

If anyone has ever met me they know overwhelmingly and unmistakably I am probably one of the largest angelic pretty fans. Their designs have captivated my attention for about a decade. I loved the ott toy prints when I was younger and now their cute kitschy girly style and their elegant royal type of ott prints of  last year. This being said lately I've been noticing a trend of silky material the dresses are made out of instead of cotton for winter. I'm a huge fan of light fabrics for late spring summer and possibly early fall so don't get me wrong. I will be wearing these dresses a lot in the other seasons but I guess I'm just wondering why the fabric change. Does it have to do with I dare say it ..... the replicas? Because the new material of theses new dresses may be harder to replicate? Or have they changed manufacturers for the fabric? Or maybe They are releasing dresses sooner than they meant to because of production problems?

For example Rose Museum is a dress I normally would thinking it would be released at the end of February or maybe early March time frame. The British crown dress I would expect maybe late November Early December time period not January(fabric is the same fabric for Lucky Key). Does anyone else feel like this or am I the only person wondering why the releases have seemed oddly placed according to historical referenced releases. It is possible that they are just moving to new trends.

Whatever the reason Angelic Pretty has I'm excited about wearing British Crown and buying some of the upcoming releases. Some of their new prints fit perfectly with in my aesthetic which I've recently been working on tirelessly just where has all the cotton gone???


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Finding My Aesthetic and currently delightfully tacky

Recently I have been thinking a lot of what "feel" I most identify within Lolita. I had  always maintained that if I liked it then I would purchase it and then style it to make it my own. This is great in theory but once in practice it makes for a very disjointed wardrobe and while I still firmly believe that you do not have to stick to a certain style in Lolita I do want my want my wardrobe to represent my unique style through the prints I choose to purchase or how I style myself with accessories. Lately I've been very bored with the releases and even when attending Lolita functions I just can't get excited about my coords. I think the reason is because of my transitioning and my undefined style.

While I am not going to define myself as sweet, classic or gothic because I think that I can build a wardrobe that can represent me within all these areas. Instead I'm going to define myself by a feel of a dress or print. Defining my style to be more of relaxed regal meaning crown prints, APs chess emblem, puppet circus, Loyal rosette, chocolate rosette, rose museum,also a sweet retro girly prints such as cinema doll, fantastic dolly, meta's Barbie collab, For a darker feel I want to have the feel of holy lantern, aatp rosy.

I will keep dresses that were made to order and etc that don't fit into these categories for conventions and for when I want to go super ott.

Everything else I need to seriously think about selling or swapping.
So I went through my coordinates from the last 3 years that I felt the best and most comfortable in and saw a common thread in all of them. So how'd I get here? I think part of me has tried to wear what the newest latest release or what popular and not what I feel good in. Why do we as Lolitas do this? I've heard so many girls say oh I don't like this on me or well I bought this because I was afraid it would sell out.
In future I'd like to explore why some lolitas just only want the latest greatest release instead of truly trying to find themselves in the fashion including myself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pokémon X Tony Moly

I'm a sucker for really cute makeup and while this isn't really lolita ......cute packaging to carry with me and using it to get ready puts me in that cute and elegant mindset that I can use when not even wearing lolita. I have bought a lot of Too faced products because of the packaging and because it's free of all my allergies. I had problems though ordering from Too Faced directly and my Christmas package I didn't receive until New Years with about 3 weeks of shipping and handling time I was looking for new cute makeup in my frustration. I caution and suggest to order from Sephora or Ulta when ordering too faced.

. Right before Christmas my husband showed me that they had come out with a collaboration with Pokémon and being the super nerd I bought some using his Amazon Prime. I get a little nervous purchasing makeup  that I can't read the ingredients(because this was Korean and Japanese makeup release only)  but I've had such great luck with Tony Molys powder and face masks In the past

Slowly the products have been coming it. I will say it is extremely cute but to me the packaging is made cheaply. I was hoping that compact would be molded like Tony Moly the cats wink powder

instead the compact has a sticker slapped on the top of the compact. It is also extremely tiny(I'm glad that I got two XD). Now on the good things about this collaboration because of its size it's great for travel and it has a separate tray for the applicator.

The powder is even embossed with Jigglypuff. I'm very pale and it matches my skin pretty well but it's a little too peachy but will be great with my too faced peach palette. It also has a slight hint of peach smell! This feature I really love because who doesn't want to smell lovely. The scent is not as stronge as the too faced peach palette. In fact I had to have my husband smell it to make sure I wasn't imagining it.

All in all for $15 usd is slightly expensive for powder that's the size of a Mac eyeshadow but I will probably use the compact after the powder is gone and would purchase again just because of the cute factor.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wardrobe dilemma and hopefully make over

Over the last couple of years I became very absorbed into my job and I've had less time to focus on the direction of my frilly hobby. In the last three years my style has completely changed but my wardrobe hasn't. In fact, I'm coming to grips with maybe about half my wardrobe isn't what I want to wear anymore. Over the years being an avid angelic pretty fan I have all the OTT sweet styles. Why am I so attached to them? Part of me thinks about how I suffered waiting up till about 10pm-midnight my time to grab from AP international before Angelic Pretty USA was opened, paid a shopping service before I figured out how to order or camped out on the AP USA site and battled bloodbath after bloodbath to checkout and win my prize a gorgeous highly detailed frilly dress. Another part of me wonders if it's the fun times I've had in the dresses. I've met designers and even got married in one of the dresses in my collection while I never will sale my wedding dress I am complating selling some of my beloved pastel animal toy prints. My style has evolved into more of a casual or princess OTT.  Mostly I hate for them to sit in my closet not being used and on top of that my closet is bursting at the seams and it's hard for me to fit some of the new styles I'd like my closet to be filled with. My fear is what if I miss them some would be impossible to find in like new condition as most of my dresses are.

To help myself I've given a deadline by hosting a swap meet in my community in hopes that I can part with some of them to a good home and to someone that will wear them often. 

In addition to this measure I'm also trying to develop a style and look at where the gaps in my wardrobe are to make a wishlist of what I actually need rather than getting  caught up in a release or a good deal on lacemarket or whatever brand sale is happening. I've already bought a coat, two dresses, socks and swan bag from the AP sale. I did however with recent purchases make sure that it fit the aesthetic I would like to achieve. Haahaa all except that swan bag plushy but I don't think I'll ever not love those cute plushy bags.

In the next coming weeks following a really good friends example I plan on making a wish list of pieces that I would like in the future and my favorite things within my wardrobe. I feel once I get these down it will be easier to part with some of the dresses that just aren't who I am anymore.