Saturday, January 21, 2017

Finding My Aesthetic and currently delightfully tacky

Recently I have been thinking a lot of what "feel" I most identify within Lolita. I had  always maintained that if I liked it then I would purchase it and then style it to make it my own. This is great in theory but once in practice it makes for a very disjointed wardrobe and while I still firmly believe that you do not have to stick to a certain style in Lolita I do want my want my wardrobe to represent my unique style through the prints I choose to purchase or how I style myself with accessories. Lately I've been very bored with the releases and even when attending Lolita functions I just can't get excited about my coords. I think the reason is because of my transitioning and my undefined style.

While I am not going to define myself as sweet, classic or gothic because I think that I can build a wardrobe that can represent me within all these areas. Instead I'm going to define myself by a feel of a dress or print. Defining my style to be more of relaxed regal meaning crown prints, APs chess emblem, puppet circus, Loyal rosette, chocolate rosette, rose museum,also a sweet retro girly prints such as cinema doll, fantastic dolly, meta's Barbie collab, For a darker feel I want to have the feel of holy lantern, aatp rosy.

I will keep dresses that were made to order and etc that don't fit into these categories for conventions and for when I want to go super ott.

Everything else I need to seriously think about selling or swapping.
So I went through my coordinates from the last 3 years that I felt the best and most comfortable in and saw a common thread in all of them. So how'd I get here? I think part of me has tried to wear what the newest latest release or what popular and not what I feel good in. Why do we as Lolitas do this? I've heard so many girls say oh I don't like this on me or well I bought this because I was afraid it would sell out.
In future I'd like to explore why some lolitas just only want the latest greatest release instead of truly trying to find themselves in the fashion including myself.

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