Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wardrobe dilemma and hopefully make over

Over the last couple of years I became very absorbed into my job and I've had less time to focus on the direction of my frilly hobby. In the last three years my style has completely changed but my wardrobe hasn't. In fact, I'm coming to grips with maybe about half my wardrobe isn't what I want to wear anymore. Over the years being an avid angelic pretty fan I have all the OTT sweet styles. Why am I so attached to them? Part of me thinks about how I suffered waiting up till about 10pm-midnight my time to grab from AP international before Angelic Pretty USA was opened, paid a shopping service before I figured out how to order or camped out on the AP USA site and battled bloodbath after bloodbath to checkout and win my prize a gorgeous highly detailed frilly dress. Another part of me wonders if it's the fun times I've had in the dresses. I've met designers and even got married in one of the dresses in my collection while I never will sale my wedding dress I am complating selling some of my beloved pastel animal toy prints. My style has evolved into more of a casual or princess OTT.  Mostly I hate for them to sit in my closet not being used and on top of that my closet is bursting at the seams and it's hard for me to fit some of the new styles I'd like my closet to be filled with. My fear is what if I miss them some would be impossible to find in like new condition as most of my dresses are.

To help myself I've given a deadline by hosting a swap meet in my community in hopes that I can part with some of them to a good home and to someone that will wear them often. 

In addition to this measure I'm also trying to develop a style and look at where the gaps in my wardrobe are to make a wishlist of what I actually need rather than getting  caught up in a release or a good deal on lacemarket or whatever brand sale is happening. I've already bought a coat, two dresses, socks and swan bag from the AP sale. I did however with recent purchases make sure that it fit the aesthetic I would like to achieve. Haahaa all except that swan bag plushy but I don't think I'll ever not love those cute plushy bags.

In the next coming weeks following a really good friends example I plan on making a wish list of pieces that I would like in the future and my favorite things within my wardrobe. I feel once I get these down it will be easier to part with some of the dresses that just aren't who I am anymore.


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