Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where have all the cotton printed fabrics gone?!

If anyone has ever met me they know overwhelmingly and unmistakably I am probably one of the largest angelic pretty fans. Their designs have captivated my attention for about a decade. I loved the ott toy prints when I was younger and now their cute kitschy girly style and their elegant royal type of ott prints of  last year. This being said lately I've been noticing a trend of silky material the dresses are made out of instead of cotton for winter. I'm a huge fan of light fabrics for late spring summer and possibly early fall so don't get me wrong. I will be wearing these dresses a lot in the other seasons but I guess I'm just wondering why the fabric change. Does it have to do with I dare say it ..... the replicas? Because the new material of theses new dresses may be harder to replicate? Or have they changed manufacturers for the fabric? Or maybe They are releasing dresses sooner than they meant to because of production problems?

For example Rose Museum is a dress I normally would thinking it would be released at the end of February or maybe early March time frame. The British crown dress I would expect maybe late November Early December time period not January(fabric is the same fabric for Lucky Key). Does anyone else feel like this or am I the only person wondering why the releases have seemed oddly placed according to historical referenced releases. It is possible that they are just moving to new trends.

Whatever the reason Angelic Pretty has I'm excited about wearing British Crown and buying some of the upcoming releases. Some of their new prints fit perfectly with in my aesthetic which I've recently been working on tirelessly just where has all the cotton gone???


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