Saturday, March 18, 2017

RIP Chocolate Prints?!

Is chocoate dead? I wore Angelic Pretty's Memorial Library for my community's viewing of Beauty and the Beast. It seemed perfect because of Belle's love of books.Angelic pretty has a long history of their hidden details. That's why it's such a large part of my closet.
My friend Krisbot and I reaction
to the chocolate print books
Coordinate for the movie

  While wearing it I noticed all the books were all the former chocolate prints except British bear and Loyal Rosette which is also on the print. This made me question about why is it called memorial? Is chocolate dead to Angelic Pretty? Probably not or at least I hope not! Its delightful that the library dress is literally a library of chocolate prints.

 I have so many questions! Such as:  Do you think loyal Rosette and British bear were suppose to be guardians of the chocolate? Do you think porter bear is an exaggeration painting of the realistic teddy bear on British bear? Porter is even on the binding of musee' du Chocolate book. I wish I knew what the ap print designer was thinking.

 Tell me your thoughts on if you think chocolate is dead and this an "in remembrance prints"? I know it's had problems selling the last couple of years. Mainly because the prints were not as enchanting.....A further observation of memorial library finds chocolate on the border almost discretely hidden among the books giving us a glimpse of a chocolate print. I have taken pictures so you can see all the book print names.


  1. Wow very interesting post! I got this dress too and noticed the chocolate prints thing too, never thought about it being the end of them! (:

  2. I was also very worried but surprisingly a new chocolate print has appeared for fall