Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Every Spring I transform to a Pastel Potato

Every fall I vow to stick to dark mature regal feel prints and as soon as it turns spring I start wearing pastel vomit prints that were mostly popular in 2008-2013. So then my aesthetic looks like mishmash of dresses with no common theme. I'm not sure if anyone else is like this. Well except Angelic Pretty.....  Can a brand be an aesthetic?

I would like to still strive for more work appropriate dresses from IW that are not printed dresses in addition to my pastel vomit spring style. I would love to purchase some of the other classic brands as well.

That being said will I always be stuck in the golden age of OTT sweet. Is it ok not to have an aesthetic? Or have two or three aesthetics work, royal regal and pastel vomit? 

I firmly believe that it's ok to wear two or three styles you aren't bounded by a substyle. While your wallet will feel it if your focus is not cohesive but there's nothing wrong with moving from style to style and trying a different you. While my aesthetic changes from season to season they are within the same categories.