Saturday, July 15, 2017

California Day 2 in Lala land

So recently the hello kitty truck came close to where I live but the lines were so long and because I get sick in the sun that wasn't really an option.

When I found out that I was traveling to California i checked to see if the hello kitty cafe would be doable to visit. I found that indeed it was a bit of a drive but completely doable. I decided to wear something festive so I chose Angelic Pretty Cosmetic Bunny with the twin stars characters on it. The dress is beyond adorable. I would love to find it in black one of these days.

So even though I knew I'd only have an hour tops at the cafe I set off on my 2 hr drive there. Again for the trip I opted to take my wig off due to the heat. I did enjoy that I could walk around in LA the weather is perfect in comparison to at home the heat is much worse and I am completely unable to walk in the extreme heat outside.

When I arrived it was cuter than I expected. All the desserts were perfectly themed. Here's a video of the Hello kitty cafe

Below I've tried to photograph all the desserts offered at the cafe.

I chose to get the macarons, a water and mug. I did get some cookies to bring home for friends. The macarons were pretty good and while they did not compare to laduree(honestly what could) they were very yummy. 

Once I finished there I was only 30 minutes from Downtown Disney. I was going to grab a bite to eat but I got too caught up in looking around and everything closed while I was ordering these adorable macarons.

I chose the fruit pebbles, unicorn and white chocolate. I only ate one that night for dinner. The rest for breakfast the next day. Yeah by this point I got off my diet. Being on a business trips all the time diets are so hard. 

I basically just ate salad, sushi, bunless burger, and macarons the entire trip. 

My favorite part of California was the weather and being able to walk everywhere.

Please enjoy the video below of my downtown Disney  adventure.

Before you leave California you have to have one of two places Rubios Tacos or In N Out burger. This trip since I was flying out I opt for the burger.

My favorite is protein style with onions what is your favorite??

I love that they still make things the same way as they opened. If you haven't tried it you should. I recommend you look up the menu hacks before going or you'll get a meh burger.



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