Friday, July 14, 2017

California living..... Day 1 in Lala land

So I got the opportunity to spend some time in LA. I got very excited since it's been a year since I was last in LA. 

I didn't know how much extra things I would have time for so I just made a list of things I haven't seen. The trip started off kinda rocky with delays and the taxi kicking me out because I wasnt enough cab fare so he left me on the side of the road to hike to my destination. I learned a long time ago to roll with these minor travel infractions. Luckily I had a good part of day one cleared unexpectedly. 

My coordinate and excitement of having the day to myself.

So I decided to go to lunch and see the Chinese theater because I have been many times to LA but I've always opted for other more natural attractions like the beach. This time I decided to do more of a tourist route.

I am so glad I did! It's so much better in person but there was a swarm of people toward the end of my visit. 

When I first arrived there were not as many people and I could free move around the site putting my feet and hands in the cement like a goober. 

There are also details I never noticed on television like guardian dogs.

As a dog lady I had to selfie with them. So I also have a video of me walking the walk of fame and stars with me ❤️❤️ Walk of fame so if you're interested in walking around with me viewing all the footprints and stars I saw that day. 

I chose this delightful tea place in the same area of the Chinese theater. They had a wide range of foods and their tea menu was over 100 pages ❤️ after much studying I chose the Black Forest Berry black tea. 

The tea had notes of blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and etc it was amazing! I loved it. I choose a salmon salad 🥗.

After finishing and walking back to make some appointments I found the Hollywood sign.

And the Rupaul pop up shop that had a #shadetree

And the Wonka factory shop. I looked but I didn't get any candy lol

In the late afternoon I went the Japanese Plaza. I quickly found the tony moly shop.

I had read about a kawaii shop called Ficklewish.

 I popped in. It had an moderate selection of some Lolita fashion items and had some moss badger Items. I love Moss Badger and it was refreshing to see the brand in a brick and mortar. They also just started to carry Liz Lisa for my gyaru friends.

They also had some swimmer and some of Yuki's art.

I ended up with a cute swimmer clock and some really adorable art.

I made a video walk through of the shop. It's located here: Fickle Wish walk through

I continued exploring a little bit and have some video of the figure shop and some of the vending machines. I had gotten pretty tired and hot at this point because I had been walking around for 5 hours or something crazy like that. The link to the most figures I've ever seen in one place is here Other shops video here!

After this I got some Pinkberry for dinner. Hey I'm an adult XD yogurt is totally a good choice lol 



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