Friday, July 7, 2017

Laduree' visit in Washington DC

So as long as I have been alive I have been just head over heels in love with fashion. I am a German American girl so my parents raised me southern and also German culture was a mainstay.  That being said mother would always look at the lastest fashion from Chanel and pour over vogue magazines tell me what the lastest fashions were in Paris. 

So when laduree a Parisian pastry and restaurant opened in Washington DC I knew I had to visit it! I planned my visit and picked out Lolita that would be appropriate for the visit. I only had a short time to visit. My schedule was jammed full of other things so I couldn't go with any of my friends that live in the area to share my experience.

When I walked into the shop the staff was so helpful and fawned over my dress. One of them went and got the owner that was in the back. He called me little Marie Antoinette and that I should stay as long as I want because I was the aesthetic of the shop and that I belonged there always. So ladies they love Lolita! 

My coordinate for day 1. I unfortunately had only room for one dress so I just accessorize differently each day. 

I unfortunately do not have a full coordinate shot of day 2. I was trying to hustle because I had to get to the airport.

On with the pictures of the shop. 

The macarons and other gluten free macarons were gorgeous 

They were running a Barbie collaboration while I was there 

Of course I bought the Barbie collaboration box with the Barbie special strawberry marshmallow macarons. They turned out to be a little too sweet for my tastes but they were still the best macarons I've ever had. They were perfection. 

I went one morning for breakfast and also for dinner and got salad. 

This salad was awesome the baked chicken was seasoned perfectly and I could literally eat it every day.

My breakfast egg whites <3 

The menu <3 

I ordered the Marie Antoinette tea ☕️ I wished they would had it in loose tea for purchase but they were sold out. 

Also I paired the tea with a small dessert and day two I picked an extremely perfect dessert that matched Angelic Pretty's  sweet cream princess. The print has many of the laduree desserts on it. 

The chocolate macaron that I had in the evening and it was perfect 

They were out the first time I went so I went a second time super early when they opened to grab one of these lovelies. 

I went crazy and got one of those laduree key chains and a cat tote. These things I found to be a bit overpriced but both are such high quality and a nice souvenir. I had great time and experience.



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