Friday, July 21, 2017

Milky Cookie parade

Angelic pretty released Milky Cookie Parade in Japan last week and today it is released Angelic Pretty USA @ 12 PST, July 21. Because I travel so much I used a shopping service(Tenshi shopping service) for this one. I like to support the USA store so that we keep our stores here in America but that's an entirely different subject for a future blog post. I only use a shopping service if I know that the dress will likely be released when I will be so busy I will unlikely be able to go online for the release.

The JSK is awesome. I love it because it's like if French Cafe had a baby with Cream Cookie. 

My coordinate above shows the versatility of the dress. It matches the biscuit jewelry and bags. It also matches all the Angelic Pretty chocolate jewelry.

Above is the uncoordinated jsk so that you see the dress without all my accessories stuck on it. As you can see this could even be coordinated in a classic way.

As you can see the straps are adjustable and the back fully shirred so this would be plus size friendly. I'm very excited to wear this dress later today.

Upclose of the buttons that are so cute and show the details in true Angelic Pretty fashion.

More upclose of the actual print. I hope this helps people that were on the fence about this dress. The ricrac isn't very noticeable if you're in camp no ricrac ever. 

I'll update this post later today with my coordinate. 


Lulu ❤️❤️

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