Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sleepless in Seattle 

I've always loved Seattle and being Seattle bound made me so excited. 

I decided to wear very casual Lolita on the flight out.

So many good memories of the last time I was here. 

Just to recap for everyone the last time I was in Seattle it was a magical weekend. I came with a couple of good friends to meet Maki the designer of Angelic pretty and casually ran into H.naoto and Mr.yandy man himself of bodyline. My friends and I were actually the first to meet him in the states lol as Seattle was the first city he landed in for his grand amurica tour.


Look at our smirks lol. We still talk about that weekend Seattle Lolitas it was awesome.

So this time I came to Seattle not for personal fun but I try to pack in as much as I can. 

So I flew in and got in super late and I'm sad it was too late cause I missed meeting up with a good friend ❤️ 

The next day after I went to Daiso. Let's get real if there's anything that I wished we'd get back home or at least a couple hours drive it's a Daiso!!! 

I stocked up some cute things for my friends and I back home. If you have never been to one you have to go. It's the cheapest cute stuff you'll find. 

So, after I was done with my business in Seattle I of course had get some Lolita time in.

It was good Lolita weather although all I heard from locals is that it was super hot and humid. It was much less hot and humid than at home I ate it up. To be fair though I did become less and less lolita as the day wore on XD

I walked all around.....I walked to the water front 

through pikes market and capital hill.

I walked past the space needle....unfortunately I didn't get pictures :( maybe next trip

Went and ate at the best sushi of my life it!!!

Saw a pacman parking lot <3

All in all it was great trip. Hopefully next I will have more than a day.



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