Friday, September 15, 2017

Dragoncon 2017

Dragoncon is a convention that happens in Atlanta,ga that rivals other large conventions such as comic con in California. My husband and I attend every year. This year a lot of my favorite movie and television leads were guest so it was setup to be an amazing event. 

A majority of my friends also attend making it a super memorable.

I have an autoimmune disease called lupus so I have to be extremely careful. So I chose a comfortable sweet Lolita with no wigs. Last year dragoncon ended prematurely with me being hauled away in an ambulance to the hospital for a week stay.

I went through my closet and find things that matched my Jeremy Scott x adidas shoes because of walking around a great deal comfort was the upmost importance in addition to keep my autoimmune illness from flaring up. 

Day 1 I chose Misty Sky from Angelic pretty and the newly released SuyaSuya toys eyemask headdress in navy. 

Above is rhinestone tights that always look dreamy to me and paired with my adidas bear shoes.

I was all set for my first panel Nathan Fillon 

I left the room at 6am so I could secure my spot in line and got a great seat.

The hubby wasn't as thrilled as I was for the Fillon panel.

The rest of the day I walked around a bit and went to the dealers room. I got some really cute pins for my ita bag.

While waiting for a panel I can't remember which one but I saw one of the best Bob's burger costumes.

I love Bobs Burgers so much so this was a real treat to see someone go to great detail.

Sitting in line for another panel.

The next day I decide to continue with my theme of sleepy Lolita.

And another legend to line up for was John Cusack.

I'm a huge John Cusack fan I really wanted to have boombox to hold up that would play 'In Your Eyes'

In the panel he expressed how much he was enjoying Dragoncon. I didn't realize how much I would love his panel. His panel made me an even larger fan I didn't think that was possible as he is one of my favorite actors and I have pretty much seen every movie he was in. Like a big nerd I bought a photo with him the next day but my husband also bought a photo with him. Luckily they let us exchange one of those paid photos for the legend 

I'm so happy ๐Ÿ˜ that my eyes are almost closed! He was nice. 

So if that was the best day ever I got to hang out with some friends that night and eat at Hardrock cafe. I was pretty tired and I just went back to the room and went to sleep.

Day 3: I tried a little something new because Alton Brown has a panel so I wanted something that was foodie. What better outfit than French Cafe. I continued bear shoes. Unfortunately these shoes are offbrand and had been touted as real online but upon receiving were discovered to be offbrand. I cant emphasize enough how important it is to get from reputable businesses or directly from the brand so you won't get scammed as I did.

I did a cute updo all weekend because it was cool and extremely comfortable.

I started my day meeting up with Kris and we decided to go to a couple of panels including my favorite Dr. Who companion.

In her iconic jean jacket ❤️❤️

I was totally freaking out it was amazing and it was cool to see it with a friend.

We then went to have a photo with John Cusack. He's so tall!!

After the photo I went to the Alton Brown panel and surprise the one of the voice actors for archer was also there (Lucky Yates).

It was a fantastic panel I could say for hours they were hilarious.

The hubby and I loved this one! Alton Brown is coming back with the return of the eats!!

Afterwards I chilled around the hotel and watched costumes the one below is Luminar from Beauty and the beast.

Speaking of Beasts

After that I wished to be BIG!! He was really doing fortunes.

Last day of Dragoncon 

I wore Fancy Paper Doll with my Sleepy accessories. I mostly went to the dealers, ate with some dear friends from NYC and Alabama. 

I went the art show on the remediation from my friend and roommate. She always knows neat things about conventions. 

I picked some cool art for my house ๐Ÿก 

I had an absolutely fantastic time this year thanks so all my roommates, friends and some pretty fantastic guests. 



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