Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ita bags and kawaii pins from brands to indie 

Last fall and winter I discovered itabags. Ita bags if you are not familiar with them are bags that have a clear front where you can display pins or even small items that match different outfits that are an ode to your favorite anime, style or brand. While I do have several animes that I love I did not go that route when putting together my bag. 

At first I didn't put pins in my itabag.

But as you can see it's not the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Since then I've rearranged mine many times it's currently decked out in various Lolita brand and indie label pins.

The Morton Salt girl is probably one of my favorites because it makes me laugh every time I see it. I got a space kitty pin from Artist Alley at dragoncon which isn't pictured. 

Lately I've been on the look out for unique pins for my bag. I stumbled upon a couple shops such as Agato and Daily Gems that are Lolita centric. 

I just snagged these adorable Halloween pins that remind me of Halloween in the 90s.

I also snapped up some of Daily Gems more all year round type pins such as the itabag pin and instax pin.

Happy itabag arranging and please share pictures of your itabags with me💕



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