Friday, September 29, 2017

Packing, Traveling and Lolita on a Plane!

If you read my blog then one thing is apparent I travel a lot. Many times I’m traveling for work which means that Lolita isn’t why I’m going to my destination and my time will be limited to have fun. This can make it difficult because I need to pack Lolita concisely because I have to pack things for my meeting and work.

1) Luggage

Make sure you own good luggage. These don’t have to be a super expensive luggage set. I recommend getting one enormous bag that you can check and do yourself a favor and get one with four wheels. In addition to this enormous bag purchase a nice carry on. 

My carry on is just a small spinner bag.

You are also allowed one personal item on the plane I usually use a Lolita backpack(you can see a navy Angelic pretty back pack).This allows me to put my electronics money and this way I don’t have to pack a purse in my luggage.

I’d love to get some really cute luggage that’s durable but I’m so picky so I haven’t found the perfect luggage. I just have some plain black bag and a black and white carry on. So I would like to find something that’s cuter. 

2) Plan your coordinates before you leave.

This for me is difficult because I want to have options and I want to have all the accessories that go with the dress. Planning my coordinates and editing myself on the absolute essentials for the coordinates makes it not only cut time once I’m at a destination to get ready but also makes certain I don’t check two bags and have a carry on. You laugh but I did use to travel for fun and bring like three bags of stuff. I now can get away with one carry on if it’s a short trip and planning your coordinate is essential to this process.

If it’s a business trip I don’t pack an over the top unless there’s an event that calls for it.

3) What dresses are the easiest to Pack and least amount of hassle?

Chiffon and polyester fabric dresses are the easiest to pack because they take the least amount of room and don’t wrinkle as easily so you won’t have to iron it once you arrive at your hotel. But what if it’s cold and a cotton, wool or velveteen is what’s appropriate then you can just the roll fold method or you can pack a polyester jumper skirt and pack a sweater instead of  a blouse and then layer a cardigan over the jumper skirt(jsk). 

4) Use smaller bags to put each coordinate in. This makes it super easy to grab the bag and get ready once at your destination 

5) Vaacum bag that petticoat unless you would like to wear it on the plane or put in a small manageable bag.

6) Select coordinates that are within the same color Family or style so that you can limit the amount of shoes, purses and makeup palettes that you will need.

7) Before you leave home about 2-3 days before make a map from the airport to your destination. Make a list of things you’re interested in seeing, the times that those places close and weather reports for the destination city.

8) Pack a face mask and maybe a bath bomb. My skin gets so dry on the plane and when I arrive sometimes I feel gross, my feet are swollen and I’m just generally exhausted. I combat this with packing some bath bombs and face masks and my favorite skin care regiments.

9) Wear comfortable shoes!! Nothing is worse than you’re feet hurting and you missing out on exploring the destination city or meeting up with some friends.

10)Wearing lolita on the plane
If you want to wear Lolita on the plane then dress casually. This means no giant wig. Also keep in mind that shoes have to be removed at TSA. Also TSA may require you to remove anything metal you have on. So limiting the amount of accessories is best. 

Don’t wear a tight items as it can cause you swell and be uncomfortable. Planes are always hot or cold there’s hardly ever an in between this is important when selecting a garment to wear.

Containing your dress to your seat so that you considerate is a must so simple dresses are the best.

Take lots of photos about your journey!

Have fun on your flights and adventures!!

Lulu ❤️

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