Tuesday, September 19, 2017

🎃Pumpkin, Apples and Bears 🐻 

Lately I've been in a fantastic mood because fall is coming. My local tea house that blends all their own teas was debuting their new caramel apple pie and pumpkin moonshine tea. Their teas can served hot or iced which really makes it nice to change it up for those summer months when the south is an oven of humidity.

I tried to find something fun and suitable for the occasion. 

I had still not worn my bear beret from last year so I decided to wear it tonight. The ears are so large lol 😂.

I sampled both seasonal teas which are described below:

The Pumpkin 🎃 moonshine is described as “Our farm to cup process reinvents southern tea. Taste the difference of hand processed local fruits and herbs in our teas.”A rich pumpkin spice chai laced with real Alabama pumpkin bits & spiked with cloves, ginger, & traditional chai spices. If this sounds like something that you would enjoy you can purchase it Here! The pumpkin tasted to me like if tea were pumpkin pie when cold with the sugar in it. Although I liked it just as well hot without sugar and it was less pie tasting and more a chai tea flavor.

The caramel apple pie tea is described as A delicious autumn treat. Crisp apples, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, ginseng, and spices melt together in rich, creamy caramel and vanilla. Ingredients: Ceylon tea, Apples, Caramel, Oranges, Star Anise, Ginger, Cloves, Ginseng, Vanilla. It can be found Here. The apple pie is your perfect sweet apple flavored tea. If you like apples this tea is for you. It marries that perfect sweet apples and pie taste. 

I ended up getting loose leaf for hot brewing but had additionally purchased pre-brewed cold versions for my fridge. They have reusable jars and gallons so that it leaves less of an environmental footprint. If you forget your jar or gallon glass jugs they give you a cup that said this is the cup of shame which is smaller and way more expensive. 

The tea shop is very cute and offers a cute vintage atmosphere. My hubby and I love going and just chilling in the space while we sip our hot tea in the winter and the cold tea in the summers. 

Video of one Piper&leaf location

I really enjoy the teas offered from Piper and Leaf. I enjoy buying farm to table blends that are local as I feel that this is an unusual and lucky amenity that we have in my area.

I hope all you lovelies out there find autumn teas that you also love or you can order some of these and tell me what you think. 

Happy steeping,



  1. I really need to stop by and try both flavors out too! Or maybe at the farmers market <3