Friday, September 29, 2017

Staying Frilly in Philly 

I had the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia for business. After the business was done I did a whirlwind tour around town.

I decided to go to city tavern which was a place that our founding fathers ate and drank at. It only seemed fitting to wear something lolita. City tavern has authentic colonial food and is lit with candles. 

I choose to wear a fall coordinate to dinner.

After that I wandered around the old cobblestone roads.

When I go to historical places it makes me ponder about the people that walked there 200 years ago. 

❤️❤️The menu at the city tavern ❤️❤️

My historical pork steak loin with apple. It was cooked in the traditional way. It was delightful. The only thing better that the atmosphere and the main course was the delicious dessert 🍮 

The next day was very busy but before I left I went to see the liberty bell. It had closed before I was able to get there. Although you can see it on the outside. 

Bbelow is a picture of the original coordinate but temperature reached around 80 F. So I had to ditch the beret,

All in all Philadelphia is a great city to visit. It was very friendly and I got compliments on my coordinate from strangers. I hope I can go back soon and run the rocky stairs and see the love sculpture ❤️ 

Stay frilly! 



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