Monday, September 18, 2017

5 steps to Wearing Lolita to work

As a professional and as someone that wears Lolita fashion I really likes to be able to wear Lolita to work while maintaining lolita fashion and also look professional. I must admit I've been wanting to make this post for quite a long time but didn't know exactly how to break it into small steps in any sort of followable way.

1) Wear natural hair or a natural colored wig. Also minimal head gear. 

You can wear a cute updo such as a bun or milk maid braids 

Or curl/straighten your hair and fix in a professional but cute style

Finally make sure to select a small plain pearl or cute headband, clips or small head dress.

2) Select a dress that is an all over print or one with no print at all.

While the coordinate below uses cinema Doll I have toned it down enough that it looks like a fun holiday outfit for a holiday dinner last winter.

The innocent world OP below is a solid color and is made of cutsew material making it a fun work outfit.

3) One can coordinate with a blazer or lolita blazer to give suit look 

I chose this sweater that looks like a Chanel blazer for the coordinate below.

The dress below already looks somewhat professional because of the military button on the bodice.

4) select stylish shoes but that are also Lolita aesthetic 

I have found a lot these types at kate spade, modcloth and etc. 

5) Last and most important rule!!! You must have a job with a fairly loose dress code. That allows business casual or offbeat business wear. 

My job allows me to wear offbeat business and business casual clothes because I'm in a research field and while I need to maintain modesty they don't care if I dress differently. 

Happy working in Lolita!! 



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