Thursday, January 18, 2018

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 1 what’s your favorite brand? And why?

I wish I could create some sort of suspense or build some drama about what my favorite brand is but if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, old lj account then it comes as not a surprise that it is Angelic Pretty.

Why though? That’s a more complicated matter. Buckle up girls this gonna be long .....somewhat emotional ride.

Most people don’t know me all that well but I love fashion not just lolita fashion but all fashion. I’ve been reading vogue since I was a child and I’ve always loved designer shoes and handbags which my Mom only made worse by indulging me on whims with shopping trips for new wardrobes every season. I would get different fashion magazines from all over the world breathing in different styles and turning down pages of looks I want to try or new things I was dying to have. In college I met someone who was unconventional to my normal preppy boy and we began spending a great deal of time together(I promise this has something to do with the topic). As we started dating he convinced me to go to an anime convention with him. I never had been into the anime scene but my father had just passed away in mid 2007 and my sweet other half was trying everything to get me out of the intense sadness I felt. I had lost all interest in fashion and my work. So he tries all weekend to help me find something I’m interested in with no luck really. Then while I looking at the plushies I see a girl wearing something that was well constructed and looked like something I wanted so ran over to boyfriend(whom is now my husband) and jerked him over to see whatever this girl was wearing because I wanted to be that. He responses “oh of course you want to be a lolita, that’s the only fashion and most expensive thing here”. She was wearing Angelic pretty. 
I had seen harajuku Street snaps before but there was no google translate and while I was computer savvy I never assigned a name to this fashion style.
Now that I had a brand name and overarching fashion subtype I frantically started researching everything I could. I looked to see if there were groups in my state or town. 

I bought my first piece by randomly sending money to someone in japan which made me super nervous 😟 ( I literally felt sick for weeks until I received my box). I tore open the box to my OP in Black with small strawberries on it and an apron. It was perfect for my dressform not me because it didn’t fit. 

In my haste I had bought a dress without shirring. I had gained so much weight when my father was sick and after his death. This made me get up and I started working out again. I ran into a bunch of health problems during this time I went blind, enlarged spleen, liver damage and broken hip. Let’s face it I was falling apart and I was in my 20s. Wasn’t this suppose to happen in your 50s?! so I wasn’t able to get any new purchases for a little while. 

My next purchases I would not make the same mistake as I did with the strawberry OP. I purchased milky chan jumpskirt and later a full shirred back wonder cookie jsk.  
Angelic Pretty and my future spouse made me want to get out again. I was excited about fashion again. I was excited to see what AP designs would come out with next. 

Even today, Angelic Pretty and their evolving designs always seem to captive me no matter how old I get. Their style and prints seem to grow with me. The whimsical prints that have a common thread that transform the most mundane to truly decadent. These reasons are why they are my favorite lolita brand.

I can’t imagine my life without living it in Angelic Pretty. 

Do you have a favorite brand if so then why? Please tell me in the blog comments ❤️❤️Thanks so much to my good friend Rosie for inspiring me to do the Lolita 10 day challenge. ❤️❤️


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