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10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 6: 6 lolita coordinates that you really loved

My favorite of allllll time coordinates that I’ve worn in a variety of  seasons and subcategories. It does seem I like winter best of all though.

Brace yourself for all the copious amounts of photos I took of various coordinates. 

*drum roll*

 1) Puppet Circus coordinate from 2015 when my friends and I traveled to Houston.The my a ultimate dream dress I finally found and made this delightful 

My friend Rosie let me borrow her staff for this photo

All the things on my head :) everything is handmade by me except the pink rose which I acquired in my Frill 2012 giftbag. The carsousel is made of handmade lace and designed by me.

This coordinate also received a snap in Kera and Angelic Pretty’s official website.

2) IW Lotta in 2014 when it snowed a ton. I love snow ❄️ it’s magical to me so when it snows in the Deep South in the USA it’s an event all to itself. We typically get about an inch of snow. That year though it snowed 14 inches. I got off work and just got to be inside and make hot tea and dress in lolita.

Lotta was one of my dream dresses so I searched for years until I got it. I also own the Bordeaux skirt. I’m really obsessed with deer prints ❤️ 

My ear muffs(swimmer) and collar(indie from Germany) were deer print, gloves were from swimmer and they are paired well with some chanel boots. My sweater is offbrand.

This a great day I walked to down to the lake by my house.

3) 2014 at SakuraCon in Day Dream Carnival 

I love these mini boots but they cause my ankles to swell like you couldn’t believe. Also I was a bit too skinny here and the partially shirred version of Day Dream Carnival was too loose on me. But all in all I love the things I made to go with this coordinate.

Everything is AP except the shoes and the custom veil and lace carsousel. The AP sash in this photo is one of my most prized possessions. 

This coordinate is one of my favorites because it’s what I met Maki in for the first time πŸ’œπŸ’œ she is like an angel on earth. She was in Romantic Rose letter. 
4) 2016 at mechacon. I put together this witchy fall coordinate. 

My friend made the hat Cece is amazing!! Every thing is AATP except the owl and bird cage. I programmed a robot owl so that it would flap and do cute owl things. It’s one of my favorites because Robot Owl πŸ¦‰
5) 2016 AP USA 6th anniversary party 
Cameo window. This dress screams I’m fancy!

It reminded me of when I lived in Washington DC. It has all these places in Paris in the print. Some of these resemble places in Washington DC because of  the french designer/planner that George Washington hired. This dress reminds me of that second home. If you would like to read about the similarities to Paris,France there is a wonderful article here. I chose the AP letter  bag because I would write letters to Home back to my mother. I really love writing letters. I chose the AP pearl bird cage headpiece 1) because it’s very Marie Antoinette 2) I need to wear it to justify purchasing it because memes aren’t enough justification to own an infamous headpiece.

This dress always makes me feel regal and getting to meet the designer in made it perfect. The sash I wore echoed the french theme as it read musee du chocolat from the dress release of the same name.

Everything is AP except the blouse which is Lady Sloth. I would 100% recommend her blouses.

6)  I loved this coordinate that I did recently with Snow jewelry. It was the perfect weather for it. When I bought this dress I didnt think disney because I’m old and I genuinely really liked the dress without any associations. Then someone pointed out oh you get the Elsa color. I was terrified——what if I looked like I was in a costume. I wear Lolita all the time and I only do over the top styles if I’m going to a huge event. When it got it here all my worries melted away and I coordinated it with an AP beret and bolero. I like how it turned out and in fact I think it’s the best all year.

I had on a coat but you couldn’t see the the dress so in the name of fashion I took it off for the photo above. It was 8 F degrees. Will freeze for instagram snaps XD

Trying to be graceful to show off my lashes. 
My boots are Innocent World regimental in navy. I’ve only worn these a handful of time because the small is too large for tiny feet that look too small to support my body.....But the boots are gorgeous.

I wore a polar fleece sax coat From Angelic Pretty πŸ’œπŸ’œ and tights from AP. These tights are some of my favorite they go with everything and they are perfection.

I love coordinating new and exciting coordinates but mostly I wear very casual coordinates and I didn’t picture of them here but if your into that then you can see some of those in the day 4 post.

The main reason i love these coordinates is because of the time I spent in them and I feel like it was different than my normal fixture of living my life in lolita. 

Have fun making coordinates and have fun in them. That means being a normal person and sometimes they will turn out not like the other 6 but like the one above.

XOXO πŸ’‹ 

❤️Lulu ❤️

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