Wednesday, January 31, 2018

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 7: 7 items on your wishlist

Wishlists are important part of keeping you wardrobe on track. It’s really hard for me to make a list of my wants b cause I’m not accustomed to doing this for any aspect in my life. I feel like I have a certain look although before I started this 10 day lolita challenge I didn’t think I had a look or an aesthetic. When I did the Day 4 Challenge then vs now
I realized I had a certain style that flowed though out my favorite coordinates from casual to over the top sweet princess styles from 2012 to 2017. 

The first thing essential to making a wishlist is going through and making an assessment of what you have in you’re current wardrobe. So January is the best time to take a good long look at your closet and look at items you might need necessary to make coordinates or to make better coordinates. I thought I had done a pretty good in this regard but last year as I assessed my wardrobe I noticed I was missing some necessary colors that would really make a coordinate much better. More often than not I find people’s wishlist full of dream dresses but often exclude the basics such as cardigans, sweaters, coats, scarfs, gloves, blouses, socks/tights, jewelry, shoes and even foundation garments. I assume that it’s because these items are much cheaper than a dream dress and one can purchase them more easily than searching for that dream print.  This year and last year while I will offer up some truly dream dresses prints I want to get back to basics and work on a more versatile wardrobe.

1. Cats tea party by Angelic Pretty
When cats tea party was available for preorder I really wanted it but I had just bought drained cherries and couple of other Angelic Pretty dresses. I did not have the funds to purchase it. It was really bad timing it was either go to Frill or miss out. I went to Frill needless to say while I loved every second of Frill convention I have always regretted not getting this jsk. I have always been searching for the grey but now I’d be willing to take any color.

The grey was also never pictured in the stock photos so it was risky to me at the time to purchase a dress without a stock. That’s not because I didn’t trust AP but my own pickiness only certain hues of colors look good on me. 

2. Royal Poodle by Angelic Pretty

Royal Poodle 🐩 by Angelic Pretty oh my god this print, I’m sure you’re wondering why doesn’t she own this dress. It’s reasonable ranging from $80-140 usd. Well mainly because I always end up buying the newest flavor Angelic Pretty releases. What colorways well they are all great! I would most like the pink or sax and I want it with the pin badge it’s no deal with out it. 

I would happy with either cut. It’s a print I’ve always loved. It has poodles on it and it reminds me of my sweet dogs that share my life. It also has the the same regal feel of cinema doll and British Crown. I thought last year the new Angelic Pretty print featuring a poodle would satisfy me. Much like deer prints I can’t say no to puppy print from Angelic pretty.

 While Mademoiselle de Paris is great I would still like to get Royal 🐩 Poodle.

3) 3/4 chiffon blouses

3/4 sleeve chiffon blouses in pretty much every color 
Last year I got a lot of reasonable short sleeve blouses which I love but I would like to get a couple that are 3/4 sleeves ones. I have sax, pink and navy that I’ve had for years but I want to try and get more. 

4) A Angelic Pretty petticoat 

I want to treat myself I have most of my petticoats for 10 years. They are great last year I ordered some new ones and they just haven’t held up unfortunately. I would like to get a branded petticoat so I can see if it makes a difference. This year I want to treat myself.

5) Turtle neck sweaters 
So instead of blouse for winter I would like to buy some sweaters to wear under jumperskirts. Angelic Pretty older sweaters are perfect. I want to pick up some from wunderwelt or closet child. I hope they will fit.

6) New Shoes 

I’d like to get some new shoes. Most of my lolita shoes are super old. I want to get some comfortable more stylish shoes. I would like comfortable cute casual shoes and some new brown and black lolita boots.

Most importantly I would like to get some comfortable casual navy shoes!!! I have a lot of navy some people might even say that it’s my signature colorway. Maybe I’m a navytarian πŸ˜‚ My current navy shoes are a bit worn and with me wearing casual lolita a great deal in need a casual pair and a fancy pair. Ideally I would like to get some exactly like I have now for casual wear but they unfortunately have discountinued them in 2014 but I had bought a couple navy pairs so that I would have some that would last me a couple of years. Now my last pair are almost worn out so time to search again. This coupled with my impossibly small feet I’ll be spending a small fortune πŸ’°to get something I love and that are comfortable. 

7)  Short sleeve chiffon blouses

I’d like to finish my short sleeve blouse collection. I’m missing a navy and ivory colored short sleeve blouses. I’m extremely picky about where the short sleeve hits because some sleeves that own I don’t like where the sleeve hits. I like them hit right above the elbow and most lolita blouses I find hit in the middle of upper arm which hits somewhere form elbow and shoulder or a capped sleeve which are both super unflattering. This is mostly a problem because brand blouses are meant for a much more petite person than I am. These blouses generally are ill fitting for my body type both bust, shoulder, length of torso, and length of sleeve. I am looking for a reasonable or indie western brand that will make a blouse for my body type to fit my needs. 

I know the last end of this list are a lot general descriptions but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. If you know of these items please feel free to send me send them to me in a personal message or in the comments below. 

What are your needs and wishes for 2018? I’d love to hear about it ❤️

😘 xoxo 😘 ,

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