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Lolita 10 day challenge day 2: Events & Meetups that Hold Special Memories

I have had some amazing adventures with my close friends.

1) The first event that floods back all the “feels” is SakuraCon 2014. I travelled to Seattle to meet up with some girls I had met a couple of times none of us were close but after that amazing weekend we shared we all became very close. 

My friend Rosie posted that Maki was coming to the USA and I had been really down in the dumps and I impulsively said yes I want to go in a comment on Facebook. So flew across the US to meet my fashion icon in lolita.

I ended up crafting crafting every night late and making custom veils and my own lace. When I arrived it was 1am Seattle time. My roommates welcomed me in and I pick out what to wear. 
I worked on myself forever and much longer than my roommates because I was determined to get this lace carsousel that I had made on my head. When I got in the dealers room and walked towards the booth. A small lady in AP ran towards me and started taking photos and speaking Japanese. Rosie and Tyra walked towards me and it dawn on that this was her this was maki. I was so happy I wanted to cry she was so nice and sweet and perfect. She wanted to take a photo with me(ekkkk internal screaming internally screaming) 

I wish I could conveyed that she made my life!!!
My full coordinate from that magical day.

Rosie, Tyra and I went to the panel where we got to ask Maki and Rin Rin questions. Rin Rin was delightful and very sweet. 

We went after that got changed for dinner and walked to PF Chang’s and some Australian gentleman bought us all a dessert lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ they were on a business trip of some sort and I talk to everyone because I’m a friendly southerner.

We all wore favorite ribbon from ap. It was awesome.

We then went immediately to the craft store after dinner to spend all night crafting and laughing. The next morning we wake up to rumors of Mr Yan being in America. 

When we get downstairs this man with the infamous Mr. Yan  hat on is in our hotel. Rosi, Tyra and I start talking about what a good Yan cosplay.

 I said embarrassingly I bet that’s him as we cross the street and I snap a photo. So he walked pretty fast but I was determined to see if it was him. So I get close enough to see that it is him by this time Rosie and Tyra are behind me. 

And he asks to have a selfie with us and posts it to the Internet.

best photo ever! We still laugh about this!!!

So we hustle to the fashion show. It was amazing and we all decide we want a dress in the show which was later called Crystal Dream Carnival.

It’s so perfect ❤️❤️❤️. I did end up getting this dress I still love it ๐Ÿ˜ 

The Seattle lolitas are super awesome I met so many people that I have remained friends with. Here are our coords from that day.

The next day is the day of the tea party! We excited get ready and go to the tea location. We end up taking some seats along the wall close to the windows and Maki comes in and sits next to us. I’m so happy I can not contain my excitement like that weekend was perfect.

She asked us what type of pets we had like perfect day perfect.

It was also unexpected but I got my first snaps that convention. I still get emotional thinking that I was good enough to be in the snaps.

Rosie and Tyra also got snaps. It was the best event I can remember.

2) Rufflecon is another convention that I attended with Rosie. She really is one of my absolute favorite people to travel with. I had upgraded to the VIP package which came with a bag of triple fortune and enchanted Enchantilly goodies.

Most we played around the convention and I modeled for truly darling in the fashion show. I still love the deer dress I modeled and I’m sad I’ll never own it now that they are closed.

Probably the most fun was the tea party and meeting the Enchanted Enchantilly designer. She is so cute and sweet and I’m a huge fan of her designs and just of her as a person. 

Rosie, Rebecca and I got snaps in Gothic Lolita Bible 

After tea Rosie and I decided to drive to New York City and go to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. 
I only purchase a couple of odds and ends.

3) San Japan 

My fellow adventurers decided we needed to go on another road trip. This time we went to San Japan.
It was a very low key convention. 

I made my luggage kawaii for this adventure. We had all gotten Crystal Dream Carnival.

So why not all dress in it!!!

We just milled around the dealers room shopping and having a good time.

I made a staff for the first time and I made it to look like Crystal.

San Japan that year was in July! It was so hot. Still we wanted to get a group outside shot. It was so hot though we quickly ran inside.

We went one night to a bbq place called Lulus and they had enormous cinnamon buns.

Our reaction to the giant dessert

4) Tekko
My squad and I decided to go to Tekkocon. This was just like a mini vacation trip. A friend of mine at the time lived in Pittsburgh so we met up and hung out a lot the first day while I waited for Rosie and  Tyra to arrive.

While waiting I noticed misako was there so I went to go meet her and she asked me if she could take my photo for her Twitter. 

Some of my dear friends also got their snaps tweeted too ❤️

It was a blast even though I didn’t really do anything but just hang around the convention. I went with another friend to the botanical gardens. It was gorgeous.

5) DFT

I had moved to the northeast and I had been pretty homesick and I had been traveling a lot for work so I decided to fly to Florida for Dream Fantasy Theater. It was great. It was really laid back and I got to catch up with some friends from Canada. 
I was in the fashion show. I must admit I was a Little distracted because I ended up having to work remotely but I loved every minute of it.

I had so much fun I barely have any photos.

6) AWA meta

I attended AWA for the chance of a lifetime to meet the meta designer. I put all my meta coordinates together to prepare. Admittedly I love older meta. I love the meta things from that period.

This is one of my favorites. I used to wear this meta dress to work all the time. The shoes are kate spade and the bag is Pooh chan.

I choose a Barbie collaboration for the tea party. The designer was talkative and nice and came around to socialize with every table.

6) mechacon 

My husband and I decided to go to Mechacon in 2016. I’d only been to New Orleans briefly. I got selected to modeled for Alice and the Pirates and I was so honored to be selected.

I got twin with Lynda and she is just the sweetest person alive❤️❤️

The designer posed with all of us individually.

For the tea party I chose Sentimental Circus collaboration jsk.

I made the chiffon cape and hand made the wings for my shoes.

Our community that was at Mechacon. I’m so proud of our well dressed community.

I made the designer a small lace bat accessory. This is an awful photo of me but I was so excited to give her something.

7) AP USA tea party 2016
Something that I’ve always wanted to do is attend an AP tea party in San Francisco.

I finally got my chance and it was perfect!!

It was raining all day on Saturday. I didn’t expect this so I wore my hair and not a wig it did look good though but I was worried it wouldn’t be perfect.
I finally met the other half the AP designers.

Sand also the pouty princess herself Risa 

I love so terrified in the photo I guess cause I was nervous.

Rosie and I getting snapped 

It would later appear in Spoon

The youngest of our party Little Katie Kate ❤️ this is the cutest photo of her.

Our lovely table at the tea party ❤️ they were from Portland and so friendly and sweet ❤️❤️

This was my coordinate for the tea.

I was so lucky to get another snap for Spoon.

In addition Rosie also got a snap in Spoon.

This event was awesome the food was amazing and they had gluten free options and I was actually full when I left the party.
Rosie Won a raffle prize I was so excited her!!

I was really sad ๐Ÿ˜ž that it all came to an end.

8) Truly Darling Wunderwelt tea party
I traveled to Tampa to go to a truly darling and wunderwelt tea. The hotel I stayed in had a robot butler which was fun.
The event space that the tea took place in was gorgeous.

The food and company was perfect. Krisbot bot joined me and she looked great in her btssb limited release op.

We goofed off most of the time.

Before the large group was taken I asked someone to snap a photo of just Rosie,krisbot bot and I.

9) San X opening
This wasn’t necessarily a lolita event but I did go with my friends twice.

It was much fun both times I went well

10) my next adventure! 

I know my next great event is right around the corner ❤️❤️❤️ I will always leave 10 blank because it’s where my future best adventure will be ❤️

I hope you all have as many adventures and fun as I have ❤️❤️

Til next adventure,

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