Friday, January 26, 2018

Lolita 10 day challenge day 3: Post 3 photos that inspire you

This one was really hard for me I had to think forever because I don’t really save that many photos as inspiration. The one that came to mind because I’ve been doing an New organization method and they ask you how you picture your space. Whenever I think of my dream closet not necessarily the clothing in it I dream of Angelic Pretty store. 

The scalloped edges the cute colors of the hanging cabinetry.

The sweaters on shelves neatly folded. It’s just perfection.

The quilted drawer set that has ever so carefully laid out on top accessories waiting to coordinated.

My closet is white and boring while I have cabinets none of them are as pretty as these.

I hope one day my closet can be like walking into an AP store I could start off my day looking at all my beautiful things surrounding me.

The other things I find inspiring are Kira Imai illustrations. Which ones? I love them all!

What do you find inspirational? 


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