Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hoping to reach The one the only Mana: taking the Lolita quiz

So I have seen this over years and seen the updated versions of the Lolita quiz. I’m a list and checklist person. Most people think I’m too serious so yolo I used to keep track and check off which ones I had completed. While I’ve never been serious about it measurements of how Lolita I am it’s super fun to take. 

I also liked it because it gave me lolita bucketlist goals for super long term. Over the last four years though I kinda forgot that it existed. Which meant I stopped checking off unfinished milestones. Cut to a few days ago when I saw friends posting the Lolita quiz and about their results.

I had gone on a lot of adventures in lolita the last four years with my good travel buddies Rosie, Krisbot, And Fifi ❤️❤️

šŸŽ€Take the  Lolita Quiz 3.0  to see where you are šŸŽ€

Is it silly I waited to take it until I got home? I wondered if I had finally hit that top lolita tier.... 


I was kinda disappointed in some of the questions because they were a little ambiguous and some of the things aren’t as achievable any longer such as being an ambassador and featured in a printed magazine because it’s rarer since a lot of them have moved online.

So what haven’t I done that I could try and work on:

45.       You have worn Boystyle
I’ve never worn boystyle 

74.       You have had to pay additional customs/tax charges on your order
This doesn’t really apply to me unless it’s when I’ve used my point card and that covered the tax on items. This is another maybe I guess
75.       You have cried because of being hit by high customs/tax charges on your order
I don’t generally cry about anything let alone a dress or charges. 
76.       You have declared a lower value on the customs declaration form and avoided additional charges
I’ve done this for other people I’m shipping to in other countries. 

108.    You have started learning Japanese as a direct result of your interest in Lolita fashion
I brushed up on Japanese but my elementary school actually taught Japanese to us.(and french Too) so this is like a maybe check mark

109.    You translate Lolita content, such as brand updates or magazine articles, into English/your native language
I have but it’s very limited and I could work at it more. Also google translate is my friend. 
113.    You own every single Gothic & Lolita Bible
I am working on this and have most of them but I’m missing a couple and I want to get all the american ones.
118.    You wrote an article that was featured in a printed magazine that features Lolita fashion
I don’t know if this is even possible unless you count a Kera article on the online format or if it was in the old American Gothic Lolita Bible.

136.    You have met one of your favourite Lolita authors (e.g. Novala Takemoto, Jane Mai/An Nguyen etc.)
I tried to go in 2015 but I ended up having to go on a work trip
137.    You have met one of your favourite Lolita illustrators/artists (e.g. Imai Kira, Sakizo etc.)
If Imai Kira ever comes to the USA I’m there

140.    You have been made an official Lolita/kawaii ambassador for your countryDoes this even exist anymore? 
159.    You regularly visit children’s sections in shops in search for accessories or decor
Nope I’m old and it would look inappropriate on me 
184.    You mod an online community of over 1000 members
I am a mod but we as a community have a once of year clean out that deletes non active members. Basically they have to rsvp to an vitual event by a certain date. So we don’t have 1000 members.
190.    You have met up with Lolitas while on holiday abroad
I’ve never left my home country. I need to get my passport so I can fix this one 
205.    You have won a Lolita coord competition
Yeah this has never happened. I think I dress well but I don’t know the code to crack this 
206.    You have won best dressed at a Lolita event
Yeah I don’t know what the difference is really between these two of 205 & 206. I’ve never won any of these. When I was younger I was cringy sometimes. I don’t even try anymore to win these things because I’ve given up.

216.    You have travelled to another country just to buy from Lolita shops. 
I have a dream of doing this someday

219.    You are a brand shop girl- 
idk I’ve helped with brand booths does that count?

220.    You are a brand store manager- this wouldn’t ever happen for me. My career is kinda set and I wouldnt quit to manage a shop. Idk I might own a brand branch or franchise someday but this is kinda unlikely Too. 

222.    You create Lolita art
I love to paint and doing fun paintings but I’ve never drawn or painted lolita stuff. This is something I know I can do this year šŸ˜‚ 

230.    You have been recognised by someone who is not into Lolita fashion, but has seen your photograph or video through non-Lolita media (e.g. an article on a popular website like BuzzFeed, a video by a popular channel like Vice, a TV documentary etc.)
This would never happen because I avoid being on normie channels because I have a career/job that’s in a conservative but nerd atmosphere and I’m super old so it could affect how I am viewed as a leader and manager.

Ok, so including the maybes I had 19

That’s 210 which is Mana sama but barely. 

Full disclosure I did count these:

125.    You cried when Gothic & Lolita Bible went out of print 
I cried on the inside because again I don’t really cry but I was sad 
217. I’ve been the both Baby USA stores 
229.    You have been recognised by someone for something negative that they know about from a second-hand source (e.g. a scandal or drama, an argument on Rufflechat)

It wasnt drama per say but Behind the bows thought I died.
Also people use to not like what I wore. 

Below I have included the description from the Lolita quiz

Mind you, Mana-sama probably hasn’t organised as many events as you have, but you both exist in the most divine realm of Lolita fashion reserved only for the royalty. You have been active in the Lolita fashion scene for quite some time now and are very well known amongst Lolitas worldwide. You could entertain many a tea party with delightful stories of your purchases, travels, encounters and achievements. Yet even you may still have some things left on your bucket list: maybe that last impossible-to-get dream dress or meeting that one person who hasn’t been at an event since just before you got into Lolita? Whatever it is, we know that you will manage to make those dreams come true – all whilst dressed in your most fabulous, enviable frills – and make sure to use your divine powers for good and not evil.

Let me know what you got on this quiz. Also did you have trouble  thinking about the vague and ambiguous nature of some the questions? I also felt some of the questions being outdated such as ambassadors and limited printed material featuring Lolita. 

Overall I think it’s fun and I’m sure it took a lot of time to update this list and I appreciate that someone did update it.
It’s given me some bucketlist items I didn’t have before. I hope you have as much entertainment as I did with it.


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