Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The 5 Events that you should Plan for Spring

Spring is right around the corner and it is already getting warm where I live. This influx of warm weather has got me pondering about what events/activities are on my must "to do list". These are my favorites for Spring.

1) Swap Meet 

Who doesn't need to Spring Clean and your wardrobe should no exception. Once a year at least you should be going through your closet and selling items that no longer suit you and donating what can be donated. As a local community it helps new members to acquire gently worn goods and the ability to try on the clothing. For older members it allows the option to trade and also get money for goods that no longer suit our style. This can be an invaluable service provided to the community and in my opinion.

2) The Cherry Blossom Festival

Almost every town in America has a Cherry Blossom Festival. I highly recommend that you go to the festival that is hosted close you. It has an ambiance and an aesthetic that can not be matched to get you into the Spring state of mind. I love wandering in the blossoms and taking photos with my significant other and just leisurely walking among the trees. If you happen to live close to DC or if you have a bit of extra money I highly recommend going to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It is a real treat.

3) A Picnic at the Park

Pack up those Picnic baskets with cucumber sandwiches, macarons, fruit and pastries. If you would like hot tea for your picnic brew before leaving and pack away in a large thermos. Select a park that you enjoy and grab an old quilt. Pro Tip: If you are worried about a quilt getting dirty purchase a plastic tarp and then lay it down before your quilt. I always select a spot with a water feature. Bonus if you can rent a small boat and some paddles to complete this enchanting Spring activity.

4) Visit a Garden

Whether a Botanical Garden or a Rose Garden get a truly relaxing time walking among flowers, butterflies and honey bees. If its still too chilly where you live then try and visit a Greenhouse and soak up the enchanting smells of the flowers waiting to get out and planted as the season goes on.

5) Attend a Art/Music/Play Festival

There is no better time of year to attend outdoor festivals. One of my favorite pastimes is attending the outdoor Shakespeare Festival in which the actors perform a Shakespeare play on the top of a mountain that over looks the city.

In addition to outdoor plays we have several Art festivals that you can walk outdoors and see all the local artists and their wonderful works of art. These art festival includes local musical artist as well. It usually held later in the season so its  one of the last Spring Events that I attend.

What are your favorite Spring events? I would really like to hear about them as I am always looking to add things to my list.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A love letter to Lolita

When I started dressing in lolita I didn’t think it would be a long torrid relationship that I’ve had with Lolita. I started out as something fun fashion wise to dabble in and be a little quirky a but cute and just something that would pick up my spirits in a rather turbulent time period. I would later pour myself into the style living my life without really paying much attention to how much time had passed. 

I’ve had some of my most memorable and sometimes heartbreaking moments in my life happen in lolita. That sounds a bit dramatic but I’ve spent Christmas, funerals, diagnosed with lupus, calls that I’d lost someone else in my life, found out I got that internship, found out I was moving Washington DC for a promotion and I also got married in lolita. I’ve lived my life in a giant puffy dress for about a decade and while I’ve had good times and bad it doesn’t change how the clothing makes me feel. I love lolita fashion. I love that it’s a bit crazy and fun. I love that it makes me feel cute and pretty and maybe sometimes a bit different. Not different in the sense of personality but different in the sense happy and courageous and bright and just alive! I mean lolita makes me  feel alive! 

Somehow no matter how much I go through one constant in my life has been playing with fashion. I’ve always been someone that has paid close attention to all the trends in vogue and harpers so I love and have been obsessed with fashion most of my life. My mother indoctrinated me with a love of fashion when I was young and always encouraged me to be daring and make my own decisions. My favorite thing about the fashions are all the little details on a dress that make it so special. You know all the details have been so carefully chosen for it and how those details remind me of times in my life. The dresses to me are truly works of wearable art. 

This fashion has made me get up and get dressed and live life after my father and my cousin passed away the dresses were the only joy I felt all day. The only joy was getting ready and looking forward to going out on a date with my husband. That is not to say that lolita cures depression I would never be so silly to think a fashion could do that but it and my husband gave me a reason to wake up and get dressed and go out and live. 

So this Valentine’s Day besides the letter I write to my hubby I wanted to write my love letter to Lolita. Thanks for the bright, cute and making me feel alive because my life would have been so dull without you. While in Philadelphia this past week I took a photo with the Amor sculpture and then treated myself to a macaron at bakery. 

How does Lolita make you feel? I hope you have a lovely frilly Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️ I hope you make a frilly date with your favorite dress and celebrate the day with love and happiness whether it’s friends, significant other or a pet. 


Monday, February 5, 2018

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 10: 10 facts about me

Some fun facts about me and Lolita fashion.

1) I’ve been a wearing lolita since 2007. 

2) I wore Lolita with out a community for a couple of years before I went to my first meet up. The only reason I began attending meetups is that I ran into Fifi in a Joann’s and she convinced me to go.

3) Some of my best friends I met through Lolita fashion

4) I was married in Angelic Pretty in 2012 to love of my life

5) Lolita got me out of the house when I wanted to hide away due to my father, cousin and aunt passing away.

6) Lolita gave me motivation to get fit. 

7) Lolita taught me to enjoy tea. I thought tea came in two flavors green and black before Lolita. Well I soon began to love tea and learn about all the different flavors

8) I love fashion in general not just lolita or Japanese fashion

9) I’ve met most of my favorite lolita designers 

10) I’ve been in Kera, Spoon, and Gothic Lolita Bible 

I hope you enjoyed my little list. 


Friday, February 2, 2018

10 day Lolita Challenge Day 9: Favorite foods ๐ŸŽ‚

This post is especially hard for me to approach because I have I love food but I’m also a little chubby. I have been a wide spectrum of weights too skinny by my standards, too skinny by others standards, chubby by my standards and just plain obese. That being said I don’t have an eating disorder my weight fluctuates due a series of health disorders. I think most women have felt this way at some point. 

So here’s 9 things that I love to eat: 

1)  Ispahan macaron from laduree

I feel like this might be the most lolita answer I’ve ever given to a question but it’s true. The main reason it’s at the top of the list is it’s Wheat free. I am super allergic to wheat and I turn into a scene from the exorcist where my head turns 360 and there’s pea soup everywhere and someone wearing  Moi-mรชme-Moitiรฉ has to pray to Mana that I’ll be ok. 

2) Marie Antoinette tea from Laduree 
 The way Laduree describes their best selling tea is:
A delicious marriage of Chinese and Indian black teas combined with rose petals, citrus fruit and honey. 
When I drink it I feel like I’m fancy and in another time. I urge you if you have a chance to try please do. 

3) Scones 

I love a good gluten free scone with creme, butter or jam or all of them! It makes me feel so fancy with my tea and scone.

4) Chocolate 

Any chocolate I’m not picky except no chocolate ice cream every thing else I’m good with. I usually have some dove chocolate on me at all times. You never know when there will be a chocolate emergency.

Alright so I’ve only listed sweets so far but I cannot live on sweets alone or I’d be the cat below. This is not to poke fun at anyone with this horrible disease but merely a poke at my awful sweet tooth.

5) Cheese

I love cheese in almost every form but bleu cheese. Nothing I eat should be blue unless it contains a blue fruit or actual is a blue fruit. Plus I have a mold allergies so again about allergies let’s review how extra they are it’s like a scene from the exorcist and no one wants that.

6) Filet Mignon 

The only thing I love more than sweets is meat and a good filet medium rare is my ideal indulgence meat wise. 

7) Fish
Whether it ๐Ÿฃ sushi, fried, baked or grilled ——I love fish. I eat it about once a week. My great grandmother during the depression made salmon schnitzel because she couldn’t afford beef or chicken prices. So my grandfather would come home some days and make this delightful dish.  In college I started experimenting/experiencing other types of cuisine and tried sushi. Of course my favorite is grilled fish with some spinach. Fish is just so healthy for you if it wasn’t expensive I’d eat it everyday. I have to save for that brand. 

8) Pho

I love this noodle soup. There’s nothing better in the winter to warm you up than a delicious bowl of pho ๐Ÿฒ. Have a cold? Eat some pho it’s 100 times better than chicken noodle. 

9) Royal Rose tea by lucipia 

This tea is strawberry, champagne and rose perfection. I always feel like the champagne is actually in the tea because there’s an incredible bubbles sensation. It’s a taste I can’t really describe order some it’s great. My friend Betty introduced me to this tea at the 1st Frill. I had never been a fan of tea not even the sweet tea that’s so popular in the south. This is most likely because my family is from Germany and sweet tea was never made in my house. I had always assumed I wasn’t a fan of tea. Well it all changed when I had my first cup of this tea. I thank Betty for my love of tea. I make sure I never run out because after a rough day I like to come home, sit down and drink my fancy tea with a macaron. 

Happy eating!

XOXO ๐Ÿ˜˜,

Thursday, February 1, 2018

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 8: 8 Facts about my Lolita Wardrobe

A Lolita’s wardrobe wardrobe to me is a very personal thing and today I’m going to talk about mine which is a subject that can sometimes be uncomfortable for me. 

1) I’ve been collecting lolita a long time so my wardrobe since around 2007ish 2008ish. It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly. I didn’t actually join a community for quite sometime after that due to health reasons though.

2) My first dress was Angelic Pretty but not the one I wanted and it didn’t fit me. 

3) I don’t know how many things I own and I don’t want to know because it would confirm I have a problem. 

4) My closet is a timeline of my life and APs releases. I love other brand too and they littered in between AP releases.

5) I own my dream dress puppet circus and when I got it I felt like it wasn’t real. Sometimes I still go into my closet look at and it makes my day better.

6) I’ve only sold about 10 pieces since I started. I don’t feel compelled to sell which in fact confirms I’m a lolita hoarder.

7) I have more lolita than I have regular/normie clothing 

8) I own classic and sweet pieces but no actual gothic pieces.

What’s your wardrobe like? 

Xoxo ๐Ÿ˜˜,