Monday, February 5, 2018

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 10: 10 facts about me

Some fun facts about me and Lolita fashion.

1) I’ve been a wearing lolita since 2007. 

2) I wore Lolita with out a community for a couple of years before I went to my first meet up. The only reason I began attending meetups is that I ran into Fifi in a Joann’s and she convinced me to go.

3) Some of my best friends I met through Lolita fashion

4) I was married in Angelic Pretty in 2012 to love of my life

5) Lolita got me out of the house when I wanted to hide away due to my father, cousin and aunt passing away.

6) Lolita gave me motivation to get fit. 

7) Lolita taught me to enjoy tea. I thought tea came in two flavors green and black before Lolita. Well I soon began to love tea and learn about all the different flavors

8) I love fashion in general not just lolita or Japanese fashion

9) I’ve met most of my favorite lolita designers 

10) I’ve been in Kera, Spoon, and Gothic Lolita Bible 

I hope you enjoyed my little list. 


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