Friday, February 2, 2018

10 day Lolita Challenge Day 9: Favorite foods πŸŽ‚

This post is especially hard for me to approach because I have I love food but I’m also a little chubby. I have been a wide spectrum of weights too skinny by my standards, too skinny by others standards, chubby by my standards and just plain obese. That being said I don’t have an eating disorder my weight fluctuates due a series of health disorders. I think most women have felt this way at some point. 

So here’s 9 things that I love to eat: 

1)  Ispahan macaron from laduree

I feel like this might be the most lolita answer I’ve ever given to a question but it’s true. The main reason it’s at the top of the list is it’s Wheat free. I am super allergic to wheat and I turn into a scene from the exorcist where my head turns 360 and there’s pea soup everywhere and someone wearing  Moi-mΓͺme-MoitiΓ© has to pray to Mana that I’ll be ok. 

2) Marie Antoinette tea from Laduree 
 The way Laduree describes their best selling tea is:
A delicious marriage of Chinese and Indian black teas combined with rose petals, citrus fruit and honey. 
When I drink it I feel like I’m fancy and in another time. I urge you if you have a chance to try please do. 

3) Scones 

I love a good gluten free scone with creme, butter or jam or all of them! It makes me feel so fancy with my tea and scone.

4) Chocolate 

Any chocolate I’m not picky except no chocolate ice cream every thing else I’m good with. I usually have some dove chocolate on me at all times. You never know when there will be a chocolate emergency.

Alright so I’ve only listed sweets so far but I cannot live on sweets alone or I’d be the cat below. This is not to poke fun at anyone with this horrible disease but merely a poke at my awful sweet tooth.

5) Cheese

I love cheese in almost every form but bleu cheese. Nothing I eat should be blue unless it contains a blue fruit or actual is a blue fruit. Plus I have a mold allergies so again about allergies let’s review how extra they are it’s like a scene from the exorcist and no one wants that.

6) Filet Mignon 

The only thing I love more than sweets is meat and a good filet medium rare is my ideal indulgence meat wise. 

7) Fish
Whether it 🍣 sushi, fried, baked or grilled ——I love fish. I eat it about once a week. My great grandmother during the depression made salmon schnitzel because she couldn’t afford beef or chicken prices. So my grandfather would come home some days and make this delightful dish.  In college I started experimenting/experiencing other types of cuisine and tried sushi. Of course my favorite is grilled fish with some spinach. Fish is just so healthy for you if it wasn’t expensive I’d eat it everyday. I have to save for that brand. 

8) Pho

I love this noodle soup. There’s nothing better in the winter to warm you up than a delicious bowl of pho 🍲. Have a cold? Eat some pho it’s 100 times better than chicken noodle. 

9) Royal Rose tea by lucipia 

This tea is strawberry, champagne and rose perfection. I always feel like the champagne is actually in the tea because there’s an incredible bubbles sensation. It’s a taste I can’t really describe order some it’s great. My friend Betty introduced me to this tea at the 1st Frill. I had never been a fan of tea not even the sweet tea that’s so popular in the south. This is most likely because my family is from Germany and sweet tea was never made in my house. I had always assumed I wasn’t a fan of tea. Well it all changed when I had my first cup of this tea. I thank Betty for my love of tea. I make sure I never run out because after a rough day I like to come home, sit down and drink my fancy tea with a macaron. 

Happy eating!


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