Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A love letter to Lolita

When I started dressing in lolita I didn’t think it would be a long torrid relationship that I’ve had with Lolita. I started out as something fun fashion wise to dabble in and be a little quirky a but cute and just something that would pick up my spirits in a rather turbulent time period. I would later pour myself into the style living my life without really paying much attention to how much time had passed. 

I’ve had some of my most memorable and sometimes heartbreaking moments in my life happen in lolita. That sounds a bit dramatic but I’ve spent Christmas, funerals, diagnosed with lupus, calls that I’d lost someone else in my life, found out I got that internship, found out I was moving Washington DC for a promotion and I also got married in lolita. I’ve lived my life in a giant puffy dress for about a decade and while I’ve had good times and bad it doesn’t change how the clothing makes me feel. I love lolita fashion. I love that it’s a bit crazy and fun. I love that it makes me feel cute and pretty and maybe sometimes a bit different. Not different in the sense of personality but different in the sense happy and courageous and bright and just alive! I mean lolita makes me  feel alive! 

Somehow no matter how much I go through one constant in my life has been playing with fashion. I’ve always been someone that has paid close attention to all the trends in vogue and harpers so I love and have been obsessed with fashion most of my life. My mother indoctrinated me with a love of fashion when I was young and always encouraged me to be daring and make my own decisions. My favorite thing about the fashions are all the little details on a dress that make it so special. You know all the details have been so carefully chosen for it and how those details remind me of times in my life. The dresses to me are truly works of wearable art. 

This fashion has made me get up and get dressed and live life after my father and my cousin passed away the dresses were the only joy I felt all day. The only joy was getting ready and looking forward to going out on a date with my husband. That is not to say that lolita cures depression I would never be so silly to think a fashion could do that but it and my husband gave me a reason to wake up and get dressed and go out and live. 

So this Valentine’s Day besides the letter I write to my hubby I wanted to write my love letter to Lolita. Thanks for the bright, cute and making me feel alive because my life would have been so dull without you. While in Philadelphia this past week I took a photo with the Amor sculpture and then treated myself to a macaron at bakery. 

How does Lolita make you feel? I hope you have a lovely frilly Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️ I hope you make a frilly date with your favorite dress and celebrate the day with love and happiness whether it’s friends, significant other or a pet. 


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