Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My 5 Must Haves for Spring 2018

The Spring Trends for 2018 are pouring in and these are my must haves for the Spring 2018.

1) Lavender

Yes, its a color and a color we frequent with in this fashion but lavender this year in Normal fashion has been trending and so I am doubling up on my Lavender shopping to get that Vogue flavor.

I recently picked up this little number that I felt fit my requirements. I love Hydrangeas ❤️❤️ 

2) Vintage themes and Old School Dreams

Solid colors and old school styling is making a come back this season with almost ever brand debuting some subdued styling. So make like Momoko and grab some old school things. I love wearing old school things casually. They also are like a breath of fresh air with the clean and polished look they can deliver with a modern styling.

Even prints that are featuring vintage themes such as Angelic Pretty Kira Imai print with vintage bears and tea sets. I really like these quirky vintage details in the new designs. Even the AP lucky pack featured this vintage bear. In addition the Bunny lucky pack and the recent bunny special set look and feel

3) Angelic/ethereal looks

Heavenly but not necessarily religious looks are in style. Looking like a Magically and Heavenly Sky seems to still be a theme this season for Angelic Pretty with two Horoscope and Star prints we are in store for some pretty heavenly looks.

We are seeing less Sleep masks in the spring collection from Angelic Pretty and more of a dreamy but awake styling.

4) Lemons, Cherries and Bold Gingham --- OH MY!

While there have been some lemons on prints before but Baby the Stars Shine Bright seems to struck a coord( all the puns are here for free folks-- haahaa) with alot of their fan base. The cute and whimisical details of the lemon jewelry definitely has one of my friend going crazy for it.

Could this be a resurgence of some more country themes. Maybe so another good indication is the Angelic Pretty debuting a very tastefully and more my kind of speed gingham cherry dress. While gingham has never gone out of style it has waned a little these last couple of seasons.

5) Florals Groundbreaking - Miranda Presly from Devil Wears Prada.

But we can expect that florals a mainstay to continue into this spring season.

Angelic Pretty has released Dramatic Rose and it sold out almost immediately so I don’t see this trend dying any time soon.

Whatever you choose to show your enthusiasm for spring I hope you have fun and share with me what things you think are trending this spring.


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