Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The 5 Events that you should Plan for Spring

Spring is right around the corner and it is already getting warm where I live. This influx of warm weather has got me pondering about what events/activities are on my must "to do list". These are my favorites for Spring.

1) Swap Meet 

Who doesn't need to Spring Clean and your wardrobe should no exception. Once a year at least you should be going through your closet and selling items that no longer suit you and donating what can be donated. As a local community it helps new members to acquire gently worn goods and the ability to try on the clothing. For older members it allows the option to trade and also get money for goods that no longer suit our style. This can be an invaluable service provided to the community and in my opinion.

2) The Cherry Blossom Festival

Almost every town in America has a Cherry Blossom Festival. I highly recommend that you go to the festival that is hosted close you. It has an ambiance and an aesthetic that can not be matched to get you into the Spring state of mind. I love wandering in the blossoms and taking photos with my significant other and just leisurely walking among the trees. If you happen to live close to DC or if you have a bit of extra money I highly recommend going to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It is a real treat.

3) A Picnic at the Park

Pack up those Picnic baskets with cucumber sandwiches, macarons, fruit and pastries. If you would like hot tea for your picnic brew before leaving and pack away in a large thermos. Select a park that you enjoy and grab an old quilt. Pro Tip: If you are worried about a quilt getting dirty purchase a plastic tarp and then lay it down before your quilt. I always select a spot with a water feature. Bonus if you can rent a small boat and some paddles to complete this enchanting Spring activity.

4) Visit a Garden

Whether a Botanical Garden or a Rose Garden get a truly relaxing time walking among flowers, butterflies and honey bees. If its still too chilly where you live then try and visit a Greenhouse and soak up the enchanting smells of the flowers waiting to get out and planted as the season goes on.

5) Attend a Art/Music/Play Festival

There is no better time of year to attend outdoor festivals. One of my favorite pastimes is attending the outdoor Shakespeare Festival in which the actors perform a Shakespeare play on the top of a mountain that over looks the city.

In addition to outdoor plays we have several Art festivals that you can walk outdoors and see all the local artists and their wonderful works of art. These art festival includes local musical artist as well. It usually held later in the season so its  one of the last Spring Events that I attend.

What are your favorite Spring events? I would really like to hear about them as I am always looking to add things to my list.


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