Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dressing for your Body Type in Lolita

Have you ever wondered why some cuts look better than others on you? It might be as simple as unlocking your body type to figure out which pieces you should invest in.

Most Lolitas body shapes fall into one of the following categories: triangle (larger at the bottom), circle (thick around the middle), hourglass (curvy but evenly proportioned), and rectangle (straight up and down). 

Learn which pieces work best for your unique body shape—and which won’t flatter you.

What to Look for If You’re a Pear or Triangle:

  1. Wide-legged kodona, dandy and ouji pants

  2. Boatneck shaped One pieces or square neckline jumper skirts

    The wide neckline broadens the shoulders to offset fuller hips.

  3. Tailored jacket.

    A structured jacket plays up the shoulders (which are narrower than the width of the hips on a triangle shape) to even out the lower body's proportions.

  4. A-line skirt.

    Its nonclinging design is a godsend for those who are bottom-heavy. Look for a tapered A-line to avoid appearing too triangular.

  5. Avoid clothes that work to emphasize a larger lower body:

    shapeless, oversize sweaters; skinny  kodona, dandy, or ouji pants; and skirts in a flimsy, curve-hugging fabric, like silk.

What to Look for If You’re a Circle or Apple:

  1. Sack dresses 

    A relaxed cut glides over the stomach, which is where those with a circle shape carry their weight. Look for styles with pleating or sleeves that are feminine which look modern.

  2. Slim-cut kodona, dandy, and ouji pants.

    Long and lean, these let trim legs take center stage. Pair them with a blousy top and open jacket.

  3. Flowly Sleeves 

    Sleeves that drape over the arms that go at least mid upper arm. Princess sleeves and chiffon three quarters sleeves.

  4. Empire waist or high waisted 

    A waistline that rests just below the bust will emphasize a narrow rib cage and camouflage the stomach.

  5. Avoid clothes that draw attention to the middle:

    high-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching Dresses.

What to Look for If You’re an Hourglass:

  1. High-waisted kodona, dandy, or ouji pants.

    Since they hit at the natural waistline, pants with a high waist will draw the eye to a thin middle.

  2. V-neck bodices.

    A close-fitting blouse with an open neckline flatters curves without exaggerating them. These are often military cuts

  3. Dresses that have a belt, ribbon and that emphasizes your curves.

    Choose clothes that work and move with your natural curves, not against them: A belt creates a diagonal movement across the body that is really forgiving.

  4. Lower waisted cuts.

    This classic silhouette works best on hourglass figures because it accentuates a narrow waist and skims over fuller hips.

  5. Avoid clothes that don’t play up your proportions:

    shapeless or boxy styles, like baby-doll dresses, tunics, and oversize cardigans.

What to Look for If You’re a Rectangle:

  1. Boot-cut kodona, dandy or ouji pants.

  2. Feminine top.

    Ruffles and wispy sleeves add volume to the bust and shoulders, making the waist—which has little definition with this shape—look smaller in comparison.

  3. Fitted jacket.

    A nipped-in blazer creates a waist and the appearance of fuller hips.

  4. Flared with all the lace, frills and details One piece(OP), jumper skirt(jsk) or skirt.

    A flouncy hem contrasted with a tapered waist gives the illusion of an hourglass. Extra frills, ruffles, and elegant details on your lolita piece as long as balanced will give an illusion of being more hourglassed shaped. Must be a structured waist at your natural waist making it a well defined area. 

  5. Avoid clothes that won’t create “curves”:

    dresses that are tight all over and anything too flowy or unstructured around the waist, like Empire-waist tops.

  6. I hope these suggestions help you in your Lolita shopping.


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